The museum and research center of the Celtic culture. The museum was opened in 2011 by the Hessen office of built heritage conservation ( Landesamt fȕr Denkmalpflege Hessen). It is located at the important place of discovery of a Celtic settlement aged about 5 thousend B.C. In the front of the building you see visitors watching and enjoing at the location.


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Architect: Jason & Perry


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I can’t say enough about how wonderful Jag Orthotics has been to my kids. The Prosthetist/Orthotist here in Queens always goes beyond our expectations. The staff has always been very welcoming and willing to work with us on scheduling appointments which isn’t always the easiest thing with us.

I’ve been an amputee, right BKA, since 2001 and have worn several different legs since then, always with a slight problem. That is until I met the people at JAG. The leg I have now fits like a glove, there’s not a height difference like I’ve had with the rest..and even the small problems I use to have have not reared their ugly head. Best part is that while being on a fixed income and having Medicare they only cover 80%…and these people at JAG have allowed me to make arrangements to pay the rest..not up front!! Thanks guys and believe me..I tell everyone I meet that wonders where I got my leg that this place is the best!

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